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I'm Jamie. I grew up in Houston and am a Texan at heart! I did learn to love New England while we lived there for 4 years. It was there that I took all of my love and knowledge of photography and jumped into the world of professional photography opening a small business with a friend called Theportraitparties.com.

I moved with my husband and our five children to Southlake, TX in August of 2012 and opened for business here October 15, 2012. I am licensed, registered and (per state requirement) charge sales tax on all my transactions (8.25%). 

I'm not about being like everyone else. I'm about helping you document your life in images and seeing how beautiful your life really is. I want to preserve a moment in time in your life because pictures will help you remember. 

Every photographer has goals. My goal is simple. I want you to have beautiful images of you and your family on your walls. Far too often people go to the work of choosing outfits, getting ready, showing up for the photos, and then just let those images sit in a file somewhere. 

If you want someone to listen to what you want, to help you plan an image display in your home, to make sure that the photos get printed and framed and hung on the wall then I am what you are looking for. If traditional studio sessions have not worked for you family then I am what you need. 

If you want to try something new, if you have a crazy idea, if you have a child with a disability, if you have an "unwilling to take photographs husband" then I am the photographer you want.

I will invest in you. I will guarantee you love the results.

from a client . . . "It takes a special person to capture [our son] how we see him, show how much we love our family and let me know when my pose might make my butt look big:)"
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